Info for Parents

Parent Orientation

Forms to BRING to Orientation:

  • LINK to Participant Release and Waiver Form
  • LINK to Credo Covenants

Things to READ before Orientation:

  • Parent Volunteers Sign up
  • Our calendar! Sometimes other resources publish an incorrect time or location. Use OUR calendar as the final word.
  • Confirmation 411

Who to BRING to Orientation:

  • Any and all Parents
  • Your Confirmation Student(s)

Thank you for trusting your child with us and for committing to this season of confirmation.  Parent Orientation is our FIRST class of confirmation and it introduces your family to our family and helps the Confirmation Counselor Team give you all of the important information you need to get through the year.

We ask that you do TWO things before you arrive.  Please, make sure you have SIGNED UP your student using the Sign Up! menu option. Second, print the documents listed above and read through them carefully. We need you to have thoroughly discussed these Covenants with your entire family before you commit to the process.  Confirmation is a commitment and it is a priority.  We understand that there are many things that can capture our time and attention throughout the year, so before you move forward, make sure that this is a commitment YOUR family is prepared to make. The team is committed to giving you all dates and information up front so you can check your calendars in the beginning so that there are no surprises during the year.

Some things to think about…scheduled vacations, sporting events, parties, school projects…All of these will impact your time.  Confirmation is a cumulative learning process, a way to build community among our upcoming youth, a way to give back to our community through service, and a way to learn to love and worship God together.  All of our volunteers are committed to giving your student a fun, fulfilling, and INTENTIONAL experience. Come join us!

Your NFUMC Confirmation Team